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  • Motherhood

    Finding YOU Time

    It’s important to always have enough “you” time, otherwise even the best of us can loose it. No one in your family benefits from a tired, worn out, frustrated mother. Sometimes…

  • Motherhood

    Being Disconnected for a Week

    First off, I want to start with an apology for being off the grid the past two weeks. I feel terrible about missing my weekly post and updates on my social…

  • Motherhood

    Maternity Photoshoots: Part 1

    Doing a photoshoot can be scary, but doing a maternity photoshoot is a whole other story. I’ve modeled just shy of a decade, and I was still so nervous when it…

  • Baby + Toddler, Motherhood

    Our Birth Story

    I’ve had a lot of requests to share my birth story, so I finally took some time to write it all down and share with all of you the story of…

  • Motherhood

    Turns Out Breastfeeding Isn’t So Easy

    For something that’s suppose to be so natural and instinctive, breastfeeding is fricken hard! I struggled from the beginning when it came to nursing. From day one, Lucy totally rejected my…

  • Motherhood, Products

    Pregnancy Must Haves

    I have so many pregnant friends right now, and I love being able to help them all out with their pregnancy questions. There is so much weird (and awkward) stuff that happens…

  • Motherhood

    Assuming the SAHM Role: Salary or Not

    Whatever the transition may be, becoming a stay at home mom (SAHM) can be extremely difficult and overwhelming. I had a hard time finding my place and figuring out what needed…

  • Motherhood

    First Birthday as Mom

    Happy birthday to me!! It was my 28th birthday yesterday!! And I know this is going to sound crazy, but now being 28, I feel the youngest I ever have. Hear…