Kauai Family Trip 2018

A couple of weeks ago we spent a week in Kauai with some of our family. I haven’t been to Hawaii since I was little, and Lucy has never been, so I was extra excited for this trip. It was great that we got to go with our family and spend some quality time with everyone. Kauai is such a lovely island, and we had so much to do every day. The weather was a bit hot and humid, and it rained a couple of days, but we made the best of it and had a fantastic time.


We spent the first half with my father in laws family, who lives on the Navy Base. It was perfect, because we had our own little cabin right on our own private beach. The beach is reserved for the Navy families, and visitors staying in the cabins. Every time we went, we had the whole beach to ourselves, and it was so lovely. I loved letting Lucy run around and play in the sand and water, without having to worry about her bugging other people or getting into their stuff. It’s not a normal pubic beach, so the water was a bit choppy and the current was kind of dangerous, so we couldn’t really go swimming in it, but we just had a blast playing in the waves and all the sand.


Lucy loved spending so much time with her Gram and Papa, and loved being able to play with them and run around a new place. They live down in the greater Los Angles area, so she doesn’t get to see them as often as we’d all like, but it was so fun seeing her bond with them. She especially enjoyed her walks with her Gram and watching silly baby videos with her Papa. It was nice to have the extra help, so mama could rest a little bit.

Lucy especially loved the beach. We have beaches in San Francisco, but she’s never been able to go swimming and play in the water like she could here. She had the best time running into the waves and sprinting away from them as they came with her daddy. They played in the waves for hours, it was the cutest thing to watch. Of course she wanted to run away on her own, but the strong current made us have to keep her close.

She really enjoyed playing in the sand as well. We brought her sand toys with, and she loved building sand castles, and knocking them down afterwards. The water was so warm, and the weather was just perfect every time we went to the beach. It was so special spending time just the three of us together before the new baby comes this spring.


They even had a small water park, with a pool and a splash pad to play on the base. Lucy had the best time running around the splash pad and getting all wet. She has never been to anything like this, so she was running around like a wild child the entire time.

We spent one morning driving up to Waimea Canyon and the Na Pali Coast. It was so beautiful, I have never seen anything like it. We went early in the morning so we could beach the rush and guarantee good weather. We took so many photos and just took in the breath-taking views.


The second half of our trip was spent at Koloa Landing Resort on the other side of the island. It was so beautiful with multiple pools and an amazing landscape. It was really nice to spend time in both places, because it almost felt like two separate vacations. As much as we loved the cabins on Barking Sands beach, it was nice to get spoiled at a resort for a few days as well.


The grounds of this resort was absolutely amazing. All the beautiful flowers and trees, fountains everywhere, and a wonderful ocean view. Lucy enjoyed our morning walks, where she got to see all sorts of silly creatures. Between the chicken, snails, and geckos everywhere, she was in heaven.

Of course, Lucy’s favorite part was the pools. She loved going down the water slide with her daddy, and swimming back and forth between her Gram and Papa. Later we found the kids pool, and it was only 1 foot deep, which was absolutely perfect for Lucy. She loves the water, and sometimes it can be terrifying how fearless she is. The shallow pool was awesome because she could really just swim around on her own, and didn’t need to be held the entire time. She loved the freedom to be able to do what she wanted, and couldn’t get enough pool time. She was crawl/swim around, float with her froggy floaty, and she loves to test how long she can hold her breath under water. We went to the pool multiple times a day, and she never tired of it.


We had so much delicious food, and finally got have my first shave ice. It did not disappoint! Aaron and I got to have a date lunch, just the two of us, and it was really nice spending some time just the two of us. It’s pretty rare we get the chance, so we try to take advantage when we can!

We went to so many cool shops in the historic distracts and had such a great time exploring the galleries and restaurants. I just loved exploring the island and all the different neighborhoods, but I’d have to say Lucy’s favorite part was all the wild chicken. She has such a blast watching and chasing them around everywhere.

We had such a great family vacation, and we can’t wait to go back sometime soon. I’m so happy we got to spend such a special trip with Lucy before baby boy joins us in February. For even more photos, visit my Instagram and go to the Kauai Stories.

Have you been to Kauai or any other islands of Hawaii? If so, which one is your favorite and why? We can’t wait to go back, so any tips or fun things to do is always appreciated! I love hearing from you! Like, comment and share!




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