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Last week we had the amazing opportunity to visit Candytopia in San Francisco. It’s a pop up “museum” designed for Instagram worthy photo sets and fun for everyone. Similar to The Museum of Ice Cream or The Color Factory, this museum showcases different types of candy and artists, from elaborate paintings and sculptures made purely from candy. They have dozens of life size animals and sculptures, and even a pool of giant marshmallows at the end.


Lucy and I had the best time ever. We went with some friends which made the experience super fun. Lucy loved running around each room with her besties. They had the best time going down slides, swinging on giant swings, and playing in the confetti room. We got free samples of each candy who was hosting each room/exhibit, and everyone working there was so happy and friendly. The overall experience was so great.


You follow a maze of rooms around to each room, where you’re welcomed with a burst of color and different fun designs. One room was like the candy factory in Willy Wonka, there was an underwater room filled with different sea creatures and a scuba diver, a museum room full of extravagant candy art, and a confetti room where you get blasted with confetti from every direction.

Each room was carefully thought out and planned, and beautifully executed. You can tell that every detail was meant to wow, from the candy coral reef to the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge teeter toter. They gave plenty of hands on things for kids to do, and did a great job showcasing every artists work.

The best was the marshmallow pool. (Obviously these are fake marshmallows, because that would get very sticky, very quickly.) They let you into the pool in smaller groups to keep everyone safe and from getting trampled. You take your shoes off and store your valuables, then enter in like a regular pool. Right away Lucy wanted to jump in and go crazy. She literally pretended to swim in the marshmallows, and even kept burying herself under all them. We tossed the kids around and took tons of photos, and just had the best time ever with everyone laughing and playing. After about 10 minutes, they have everyone from your group exit the pool to collect your items, and make way for the next group.

For those families going with children, here are a few tips:

  • There is stroller parking right when you enter for those of you with strollers.
  • There is plenty for kids of all ages to do. They have a lot of hands on exhibits and really encourage you to let them run around and explore.
  • They do hand out LOTS of candy, so if you don’t want your little one on a sugar high, have them give you the candy instead.
  • They have water for sale through out the exhibits, as it does get a bit hot. There is also a drinking fountain by the bathrooms and you’re allowed to bring in your own.
  • There is a bathroom in the middle, about half way through.
  • There are plenty of workers around to help take photos of the whole family if you don’t have any friends to snap any.

Tickets are only $35 online, and you reserve a day and time. The tour takes anywhere from 20 minutes to 90 minutes, depending on how fast you move along and how many photo you take along the way. We took our time and spent closer to an hour there.

Whether you go with friends or your entire family, you’re bound to have a blast! Make sure to get lots of free candy samples along the tour, and check out the awesome store at the end to show your support.

Have you had the chance to visit Candytopia in San Francisco, New York City or Los Angeles? (Keep an eye here out on future tour dates to see when they’re coming to your city!)




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