Pregnancy Update | 20 weeks

As most of you know, this pregnancy has been really tough on me so far. Suffering from Hypermesis and trying to take care of a toddler has proven to be pretty difficult. However, as I pass the halfway mark, it seems to be getting a bit easier day to day.

I just hit 20 weeks this past Tuesday, which officially means we’re half way there! HG usually gets a bit better around now, and I would have to agree. I still wake up and feel nauseous most days, but I can proudly say I am not throwing up EVERY day anymore. The days seem to be getting easier and easier, and I couldn’t be more grateful!

We found out the sex last week, which was so exciting! I am happy to say we are having a BOY! I was a little caught off guard at first, because I was almost certain it was another girl, but I couldn’t be more thrilled. It took me a few days to get use to the idea of raising a boy, but the more I talk to friends with little boys, and the more I look at all the adorable boy clothes, the more excited I get. My husband, of course, was totally stoked!

We decided to do a small gender reveal party, because this is the last time I will be pregnant, so we thought we’d have some fun with it. (Pregnancy is just too hard on me, so I do not plan on having any more babies. Two is enough anyways!) I got a giant balloon to fill with blue or pink powder, and we had a small get together with friends to pop the balloon and celebrate! We had the ultrasound technician put the gender of our baby in an envelope, so I could pass it along to my good friend without knowing. It was extremely difficult to just be given a piece of paper that I couldn’t look at! I was SO tempted to peek so many times, but I was strong and didn’t! I knew I had to keep this surprise for a few more days, otherwise I would forever regret it. And I’m so glad I did. Popping that giant balloon at the park with our friends was the best surprise I’ve ever had and it was totally worth the wait!

As we get further along in the pregnancy, things start to get more and more real. (I’m sure you all know the feeling, if you’ve been pregnant before.) There is so much to be done, and I don’t feel the least bit ready, but I’m trying to take it easy and one day at a time. I’m trying to really enjoy my time with Lucy, and also preparing her to be a big sister.

People keep telling me how much things change when a second baby comes along. I know they are just trying to prepare me, but I have to admit, it’s scaring the crap out of me. I feel like we’ve finally [sort of] figured out this parenting thing with Lucy, so I’m a bit worried about bringing in the second. Lucy and I spend almost every waking moment together, so I’m not totally sure how the dynamic is going to work, as far as going to do activities with both kids and getting back to our normal routine (whatever that might mean).

Lucy’s starting to understand a bit what’s going on. I don’t think she fully understands, but she does give mommy’s tummy kisses now, which is absolutely adorable. I’ve been teaching her how to hold her baby dolls properly, how to rock them, and even how to burp and change them. She loves taking care of her baby dolls, so I really hope she feels the same way about the new baby! I don’t want her to feel left out or jealous, so I’m trying to teach her to be a helper and hoping she enjoys doing her part to help mommy and daddy when her little brother comes along.

In the end, the baby is doing really well. Strong heartbeat, very active in my belly, gaining weight and growing properly, and getting ready to make his appearance. All the tests have come back normal and he’s healthy and on track. We may even have the name figured out, but we’re keeping it a secret for now!

Mom is doing better too. I am no longer considered high risk, but I am still dealing with my HG on a daily basis. I am not monitored as closely as we move forward because things seem to be looking good, and I’m finally gaining proper weight (almost to weight goal after loosing almost 12 pounds in the first trimester), and keeping hydrated and well fed. One thing I am struggling with as the pregnancy continues, is the dreaded pregnancy insomnia. At least I have found a few ways to cope with it. I’ve found that reading before bed and not watching TV or looking at my phone helps a lot. Making my self a small snack and not drinking a lot right before bed helps a lot too. I’ve never been a napper, but this pregnancy has changed that. I take naps with Lucy almost daily now, because I desperately need the extra sleep.

We plan to get Lucy into her big girl twin bed sometime next month for her birthday, and start setting up our little boys crib and nursery. I know I will feel much better and more prepared once that is all out of the way. Going through all of Lucy’s old baby stuff makes it more and more real, and is really getting me excited. As I receive more adorable boy onsies and things, the better I feel about having a boy this time around. I love searching Etsy and Instagram for the cutest boy gear, and I can’t wait to finally meet him.

How do you prepare for a new baby in your home? How do you prepare your other children for the new baby? I love hearing from you! Like, comment and share!




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