My 29th Birthday Party

This year I wanted to throw myself a small party. This is my last year in the 20’s, and I haven’t REALLY seen my friends in almost two years. Sure, we’ve gotten together a few times to catch up, but it was always with Lucy or a strict time limit, so I was looking forward to seeing everyone.

I choose to keep in small and limited to pre-baby friends, because I never get to see them anymore and I can see my mom friends anytime! It was easy to catch up with everyone because they all already know each other. It was so nice for everyone to catch up with everyone. We all know, as we get older, seeing our friends becomes more rare. And what better excuse to get everyone together!I have always loved hosting, but haven’t really gotten the chance to do it much since I spent most of my 20’s traveling. When I started planning my party, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Something I have always wanted to try for a party: The three P’s.

Parmesan, potato chips and prosecco.

It’s such a simple, yet elegant way to host a party, I just knew I had to try it. I always tend to over buy and have too much (or not enough) of whatever it is we’re serving, so this was the perfect compromise. Delicious and chic, you can’t really go wrong.


I chose to serve Kettle Sea Salt Potato Chips because they’re simple and my absolute fav. I served them in a bunch of small bowls, which I felt was more stylish and also kept everyone from running back and forth to the chip bowl. (It also gave me a chance to use all my small, fun bowls I never get to use.)

We served a couple of my favorite brands of prosecco, Zonin & La Marca. I look for prosecco that is on the less sweet side, because I usually tend to like the drier stuff more. I served it in my beautiful Kate Spade champagne glasses that we got for our wedding and don’t get to use often enough. I love these glasses because they’re adorable and polka dotted, but also have longer stems than normal glasses, which I think is a nice, classy touch.

Last but not least, the Parmesan. I LOVE me some Parmesan. I served it on a beautiful cake platter with a bunch of pieces crumbled around the big block. I felt like a big block of cheese is a great statement, and I wanted it to surprise and excite people.

The best part about this party, there is SO many ways you can make it your own. You can put truffle honey or red-pepper jam with the cheese. You could place bread sticks in a glass vase (I like the long, crunchy bread sticks for this). You could cut up some fresh herbs, like dill or rosemary, and sprinkle them over the chips. Olives and dried apricots could be a nice touch with the Parmesan. Or for something sweet, you could break up pieces of a chocolate bar and serve them in a bowl. The possibilities are endless.

If you really want to have fun with it, you can dress up your champagne as well. Think frozen grapes, cranberries or even gummy bears to toss into for a fun twist.I even added some edible glitter (yes, I went there) to make things that much more fabulous!

In the end, I think the three P’s were a big hit. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and it was so great catching up with everyone for longer than 15 minutes. I love getting everyone together to celebrate, and what a better way to do so than drinks + cheese!

What are some of your favorite snacks to have a party? What was one of the most memorable parties you’ve ever been to and why? I love hearing from you! Like, comment, and share!




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