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Lately, we’ve been doing a lot of traveling and have had a lot going on. Which has ultimately ended with Lucy turning into a bad sleeper. I’ve tried everything. From noise machines to an abundance of comfort objects and blankets, but nothing seems to help.

Then a friend suggested Dockatot. I’ve known of Dockatot for a while and know many moms who own one and rant and rave, but I always just thought about it being for newborns and younger babies. I guess I just never thought about using it with a toddler. So when she suggested it, I thought I’d look into it a little bit more, and I’m so glad I did.

Turns out they have a bigger size Dockatot, called the Grand, specially made for toddlers (9-36 months). It’s aimed to helped the transition to the toddler bed a little bit easier, with its built-in, air permeable sides that act as bed rails, allowing young children to settle more easily in their bigger bed. Honestly, this thing has been a life saver so far. Not only has it helped with her sleeping, but it’s given her own space to call her own wherever we travel.



We first started using our Dockatot when she was about 16 months old and started having sleep issues. We were traveling SO much, so we just assumed it was temporary and didn’t think much of it. After we were home for a few weeks straight and things didn’t start getting any better, we really started to look into her sleep issues. The more I asked around, the more I was told it was probably because of our traveling: Inconsistent sleep routines and different beds can quickly confuse any toddler.

After a couple of weeks with the Dockatot, her sleep schedule started to seem more regular and steady. She seemed to be more comfortable and at peace whenever we put her down to rest. Instead of fighting it, she rolled right over and gladly went to sleep, just the baby I use to know! I started to have some hope for the first time in a while.


Once she was comfortable in it, we started using it while traveling. We’ve had a wedding to attend, grandparents in Los Angeles and North Dakota, and vacations ranging from Carmel to Las Vegas. It still took a couple of weeks or little more, but she finally got a little more comfortable sleeping in the Dockatot, regardless of where she was. She seemed happy to go to bed whenever and wherever we were. This was a true miracle.

Now it doesn’t matter where we are. Home, grandparents or in some strange place; Lucy seems comfortable and confident in her surroundings. Having her own space to always call her own has really helped her feel more independent and mature. She always has someplace to run to when she feels uncomfortable or scared, and she can always take comfort and solace in her own little space. She loves to corral all her little friends and set them up with her in there. It’s a great feeling as a parent knowing your child is comfortable and happy.

Traveling with your Dockatot is so easy too! With just a few quick and easy preparations, our Dockatot was ready to fly in no time! Knowing I can easily bring this thing with us anywhere we go, makes traveling a whole lot easier for everyone! They really know how to make a mama’s life easier!



Traveling can be rough on anyone, especially for toddlers. Keeping some consistency can really make a big difference. Her Dockatot Grand really helps her feel more secure and comfortable, no matter where she is. Sleeping in different beds all the time is tough, but having the comfort of her own little Dockatot bed makes it all a little bit more bearable.

This post was kindly sponsored by Dockatot in free product, but as always all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own!





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