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Lucy’s Reading Teepee

This year for Christmas we decided to get Lucy a reading teepee. We wanted to get her something that was more meaningful than just clothes or toys. We wanted something that we could all enjoy as a family and something she could use for many years to come. She can grow with it and hopefully her love to read grows along with it.



Along with the teepee we gifted her a huggable, cozy elephant from IKEA, and three Christmas themed books: Polar Bear’s Underwear, God Gave Us Christmas and Snow Slopes. Three adorable books that I look forward to reading with her every Christmas season.

We decked it out with an ultra soft throw blanket, a huggable, and a few fun pillows. As soon as we set it up and got inside, she followed us in and was so excited. She snuggled right up and was ready to read a story. I can already tell this is going to be a special place for Lucy to go and read, and spend some alone time when she needs it. Living in a small apartment leaves little personal space, so hopefully this will give her a sense of that. She has her own bedroom, but she doesn’t have much space out in the living room, so this teepee is the perfect place for her to hang out with the family and be in her own space.

What was something special you got for your children for Christmas? Why was it significant for you guys? I love hearing from you! Like, comment and share!




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