How to Have a Productive Day

I am addicted to organization. If I don’t plan out my day and have it all organized and set, I get super stressed out and upset. Especially now being a mom, I need to maximize my time and make the most out of every day.

How can you always be sure to be the best you each and every day? Here are some tips and pointers that I use to help motivate and direct me in the right direction…

First thing in the morning: Wake up and MAKE YOUR BED. It seems like such a small task, but it really does make a difference. My husband always says, “Start the day out with a win” and I have totally learned to love and adopt that motto. It’s amazing how a made up bed can brighten your day and start things off with a positive note.


I really try to get the dinner dishes and a few quick things done around the house BEFORE I go to bed. It’s usually the last thing I want to do after eating dinner, but it makes my mornings so much better. I’m in a better mood and I get the chance to use those magical morning hours to be the most productive. The days when I wake up with a stack of dirty dishes and a messy house, I wake up crabby and not motivated.

If you don’t have the time or energy to do a few things before bed, no problem. Life happens. Try to get them done first thing in the morning. I know for me personally, I cannot function normally and feel good about myself if I know the house is a disaster, or I have a long to do list. Crossing those things off my list right away in the morning always helps me feel productive and ahead of the game. That way, the rest of the day doesn’t look so impossible and stressful with a clear head and clean kitchen sink.

Lists are my jam. I make lists about my lists. I have a list for everything, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. (I think it’s safe to say, I’m a bit obsessed.) But it’s just because I believe in them so much and really think they can save your life, and sanity. I’m the kind of person who thinks 2,089 thoughts every second, and have a hard time staying focused on one task and remembering what I was supposed to do next. That’s why I am so reliant on my lists.

Every morning I sit down with my calendar/planner and plan out my day. I go through my schedule for the day and then my to-do lists and things I need to accomplish. I have separate lists for the house work and blog work, then also keep Lucy’s or the family stuff separate as well. This helps me prioritize and keep on track, no matter how side tracked I get. I usually try to have a good balance between everything, and try to keep up with everything the best I can. Even when I fall behind in one area of my life, it takes a toll on everything else.

I just want to touch more on my planner. I am obsessed with it and I want to share with you why. It has monthly and daily calendars, which is a must for me. It goes through every hour of the day and has a section for your to do list every day. Not only does this thing help you organize every part of your life, but it even has a separate section for your top 3 things to do, an area for your goals, and it even provides an area to jot down what you’re grateful for every day. It’s the best.


One of the most important things about being productive: Be realistic. Don’t expect to be able to do the impossible in one day. Don’t create a treacherous and long to do list that only someone on ADHD meds could tackle. Be honest with yourself and only try to do a reasonable amount of tasks. Otherwise you are just setting yourself up for failure and are dooming yourself to an evening of self-pity and sorrow. If you’re reasonable with your goals, success and satisfaction will come easily.

Just get it done. I spend so much time thinking and planning my day, that sometimes I actually don’t get much done. Even the simple, small tasks seem to pile up and stress me out, when in reality, I could get each one done in a matter of minutes. Instead I sit around planning and figuring out when and how I’m going to do each task, just to run out of time and not even get to it. This can be so frustrating when you have a long to do list and limited time. The best way to be productive is to DO. Just focus and get it done.

Don’t get hung up on one task for too long. It’s easy to get caught up in something and spend way too much time on one thing. Especially if you’re a perfectionist like me. Sometimes something that should only take a few minutes can take me an hour because I get so side tracked and think about it too much. Try not to over think whatever it is you’re doing, and continue onto the next task.

Another important one: Don’t be too hard on yourself when you don’t get everything on your to do list finished. I know it’s frustrating and utterly annoying, but you are still human. Try to think about WHY you didn’t get everything done, how you can be more productive next time, and start planning your plan of attack to get it done.

Lastly: Treat yourself. After a good, productive day; treat yourself! You deserve it. You made the most out of your day and were the best YOU you could be. That deserves a reward. Whether it be a glass of wine, a trashy TV show, or those super decadent chocolate brownies you love so much; go for it! It’s so important to reward yourself for a job well done. Bribery is not just for the little ones anymore. With a little bit of motivation, we can all be more productive.

What are some of the ways you make the most out of your day? How do you get yourself to be productive and organized each day? I love hearing from you! Like, comment and share!





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