The Best Zoo Trip

This past Thursday we went to the San Francisco Zoo with a couple other moms. This was Lucy’s first time being there since learning how to walk. So needless to say, she HAD to walk. It was a lot of fun, and super adorable, but it was exhausting and super time-consuming. Luckily one of the other little girls just learned to walk as well, so they got to walk together.

If you’ve had a toddler, you know that walking 10 feet takes forever. Not only do they walk slow and stumble a lot, but they also like to go off in opposite directions and find their ways into the most compromising positions possible. It’s amazing how a kid can terrorize a peacock so much. They find the most ridiculous things on the ground, and insist on picking up every stick or acorn they come across.


Lucy had so much fun walking around by herself and exploring the Zoo on her own. She especially loved all the animal figures they have scattered around the Zoo. She always runs up to them and loves that they’re her size. She hugs them and sits on them. She really gets that their animals and tries to communicate and show affection. It’s really sweet to watch her show so much love and compassion.


On top of her being able to walk on her own, we went right before closing time. Which also meant right before feeding time. And all the animals knew it. They were all so active and really playful. We watched the rhino run around his exhibit, pushing around and playing with a huge toy. (It was almost like a barrel of some sorts.) It was actually really cute the way he played with it. I can honestly say I have never seen a rhino and thought it was cute, but this was cute. He rolled around on his back like a dog, and even dip a few laps around his exhibit.

We watched the hippo swim around his pool while pushing a big ball around the tank. He played with this ball for quite some time, and even got it out of the water with his mouth. I had no idea a hippo could open their mouths/jaws that wide. It was shocking.

However, the most exciting part was the lions. These guys put on a show for us! They were all just kind of chilling until we came along. One of the other moms decided to change her little one (mind you there was hardly anyone at the zoo at that time) right there on the ground. The lions took notice and the female came over. She came up and sat right in front of them. Once Lucy and the other babies came over, the lion definitely thought meal. She followed them so intently and when they got close, she even swatted at them. It was so amazing to see her so up close, and taking interest in our babies!


Shortly after the male came over. He came up behind the female and simply took a hold of her neck, and they were gone. I don’t know why he pulled her away, but apparently he was over it. (The third photo you can see the male lion on top of the female in the reflection of the window.)

We spent a good 30 minutes watching these lions. It was completely mesmerizing. I have never had the lions come so close and put on such a show for us. It was truly amazing to see. We spent so much time watching these guys that closing time came quickly and we had to leave without seeing a lot of the other animals, but it was totally worth it. The few animals we did see playing and being so active made the trip worth it on its own.

It was seriously one of the best Zoo trips I have ever been on. I will always try to go right before closing now and try to get the most of the animals active times. What are some of the other tips you have learned with Zoo trips? What’s your favorite part about the Zoo? I love hearing from you! Like, comment and share!




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