My New Favorite Hat

Ladies!! Baseball hats are no longer just for men! I haven’t never really been a hat person, but since becoming a mom, I am starting to love hats. Maybe it’s the casual style I like, or the fact that is hides my gross hair that hasn’t been washed in weeks (Shhh!). Either way, I’m totally loving the look.

When I found Gigi Pip hats, I got super excited. These baseball hats were made specifically for woman, and man are they adorable! I just love the faded color choices they have, and the fact that they look distressed. It makes it look like this has been favorite baseball hat for years, and I really like that.


The baseball hats have an adjustable clasp in the back, so you can easily fit it to your head. This is a must for me, because depending on my hair style, I may have to adjust it. They also have a cute little gold metal label attached towards the back, which is way cuter than a printed label. It also just gives it another girlish feature, which I’m obviously all about.

They have different styles of baseball caps, but I like the traditional one best. They also have different styles of hats, including floppy sun hats, wide brimmed hats and even adorable fedora hats. They are definitely not lacking in cute designs!

Check out all of the Gigi Pip hats and be sure to use my code JAYLYNNZ for free shipping anywhere in the US. If you love to dress casual and need the perfect hat to go with it, then this baseball hat is for you! What are some of your favorite hat styles and companies? I love hearing from you! Like, comment and share!



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  • misslulupearl
    October 15, 2017 at 10:03 am

    Oh I love a good hat for busy Mama days! These are SO cute, thanks for sharing this fun collection! I am heading over to check them out! Hope you’re having a great weekend <3