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It’s no secret, I love reading and I love books. I am one of those who refuses to use a Kindle or Ipad to read, because I just love having the actual book. Reading is a personal thing to me and something about turning the pages in my hand makes it feel more personal. When I got pregnant, I vowed to have a child who loves reading as much as I do. That’s why when I found Bookroo, I was so delighted. I feel like we have subscriptions for everything now a days, so why not children books? What could be better than getting new books every month, right to your door step?


I mentioned Bookroo in my previous post, Story time Favorites, but wanted to go more in depth. So far, we absolutely love Bookroo. You can choose between 3 board books (best for babies and toddler) or 2 regular/picture books for older children. Making it customizable for each kid makes it more personal and exciting for them.



They send the books in a fun, bright box and individually wrap each book. It’s such a nice touch because it really makes kids get excited about reading and discovering new books. It just makes the whole experience come together. What kid doesn’t love opening presents!?

I also love the fact that they don’t just send common books that everyone knows. They really do a good job finding unique, new books that we’ve never read or even heard of. It’s such a great way to find new books and authors. They send a wide variety of topics and stories, which keeps story time more engaging. Whether you’re reading the story out loud to your little one or they’re reading to you, reading different stories together will quickly become everyone’s favorite thing to do.

If you love books and want your child to love reading too, then Bookroo is the perfect monthly subscription for you. Be sure to use my code FOOT for 15% off your first month’s subscription.



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