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This past Monday Lucy and I got to go visit the Color Factory. Similar to The Museum of Ice Cream, this place is a photographers dream! This pop-up exhibit has been featured in numerous cities and finally made it’s way to San Francisco. Like The Museum of Ice Cream, these tickets are not easy to get!

When you first enter you are created by a team member who quickly lays out the rules. One way exhibit, take turns taking photos, and have fun! You then enter into a colorful room with a wall of scratch and sniff stickers (although I’m not really sure you can call them sticker). You then grab a tiny treat to snack on and head into the next room, where you are offered some delicious charcoal lemonade. Sounds crazy, but it was delightful.

You then enter the orange room. This room was my least favorite. It honestly just looked like someone went through their teenage sons room and took out everything orange to tape to the wall. Very unimpressed, especially for the first color room.

The next room was the blue room. Most people don’t like this room because it’s not very interactive, but Lucy and I loved this room. It’s basically just a room filled with blue balloons. What kid wouldn’t love that? She had a good time crawling around and over the balloons. It was also a safe area to let her roam a little bit, because the room was sectioned off so people weren’t walking in from all sides.


The next room was the disco ball/rainbow room. This room was fun and sparkly, and I love everything sparkly! Lucy loved looking at all the different colors appearing and disappearing on the floors and walls and when I let her down to crawl on the sparkly rainbow floor, she about lost it. I have a feeling we’re going to share my love for sparkly things!


Following the rainbow room was a giant light bright room. This room was especially fun for those of us who remember playing with light brights as children. The younger kids had no idea what we were talking about. Sucks to be them! Needless to say, Lucy loved looking at all the different colored lights.

Next was the green room. This room was just a giant white board that you can draw. They don’t allow words, only silly little drawings, which I think is a smart move. They provide a few giant green markers to draw with and just let you run wild. Just be aware, the markers are not light. I was really surprised!

Then you turn the corner for the rainbow ribbon room! Lucy has fun getting lost in all the ribbon. I failed and didn’t get a good video of her playing around them, which was a super big bummer, but she had such a good time with them anyways. There are so many ribbons, so it was fun to pop in and out of them and get tangled up in them.


Then you head upstairs. You get to the top of the stairs to find a giant pink neon smiley face smiling at you then walk down a long hallway of different colored lights. Lucy loved looking at all the colors as we walked by each one.

Then you enter an area where you can split into two areas; the confetti room and the selfie room. I personally thought the selfie room was creepy and not that exciting, but others thought it was really cool. It’s pretty much just a room that’s filled with printed out photos that people tag [#selfie] on Instagram in real life time. Just kind of shows you how social media works and how revealing and open our lives have become.

The confetti room was one of our favorite rooms. It’s a room filled with rainbow confetti, and what’s not love about that! As soon as Lucy hit the ground, she was going wild playing in all the confetti. She absolutely loved it. Trying to keep all the confetti out of her mouth was a different story. We spent a little bit more time in this room, because it was so much fun. It was nice for Lucy to be able to crawl around and have some fun. We kept throwing the confetti all over us and she just loved every minute of it.

Last but not least, the yellow room. This room is a wall to wall ball pit filled with yellow balls. Lucy had such a blast, but hold on to your little ones because it’s deep and they can get lost under all those balls! The second I put Lucy down in the all balls, she just squealed in delight. She instantly started bouncing around and exploring. We spent a lot of time in the ball bit just playing around and taking a lot of photos ,of course! They even have a camera on the ceiling to take photos with, which is how we got the fun photos of both (up top). When it came time to leave, Lucy didn’t want to go. I had to drag her out of that ball pit and she was not happy about it.

We had such a great time at the Color Factory and are so lucky we got tickets before they sold out. If you’ve gotten the chance to visit the Color Factory, what was your favorite part? I love hearing from you! Like, comment and share!



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  • Karlee Wagner
    September 30, 2017 at 7:31 am

    How fun!! It looks like Lucy had so much fun!!