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I am so excited we got to go to The Museum of Ice Cream this past week. This place is heaven. If you like sugar, ice cream and pretty things, then this is your kind of place. We took so many fun photos and had such a wonderful time, so of course I had to make a post about it!


First of all, if you don’t know what The Museum of Ice Cream is, stop what you’re doing and google it now. (Prepare yourself for a mind explosion!) The tickets are very limited and somewhat tough to get. You have to wait in a virtual queue and hope the tickets don’t sell out before your turn is up. It’s nerve wrecking! And if you’re like me, you let your daughter’s chubby little toes CLICK BACK and loose your spot in queue. I was totally devastated. Luckily, literally minutes later, my good friend messaged me and asked if I wanted tickets. She was in! So thankfully it all worked out in the end, thanks to Whitney, and we were all able to go!


Needless to say, the few week wait was excruciating. Watching all the amazing photos everyone has been posting was the worst. The suspense was torture!

The whole experience was so visually stunning. They do such a good job all around. Not only is the whole environment absolutely perfect, but the employees/actors (basically) are on point! They all did such a great job getting us excited for the next area (the museum is sectioned off into separate sections) and they all played the part so well.

My favorite part was the cotton candy room! I love cotton candy, and apparently, so does Lucy! I tried SO hard to keep it away from her, but she got her hands on it a couple times! She obviously loved it and was not happy when I threw it out. (Can we just talk about her face in the photo of trying to grab the cotton candy from me?! So funny!)



There was only one downfall to the museum: It wasn’t totally kid friendly. No strollers were allowed (which is totally understandable because that many strollers would be a buzz kill), but there also wasn’t many areas where I could let Lucy down to roam. Although, the couple areas I could she had such a blast. Her favorite part were the giant gummy land, which she was both utterly confused and excited about. She crawled around looking and exploring everything so closely, she knew she was in a wonderland.


Both our absolute favorite, the SPRINKLE POOL!! Lucy could not get enough! (FYI. These sprinkles are NOT real. They would melt so quickly and it would be a complete disaster.) They let small groups of about 10-12 in at a time, for about 5 minutes each. (Maybe not even that long, it all happened so quickly! I honestly couldn’t tell you) At first, Lucy was a bit scared and skeptical. She kept sinking in the sprinkles when she crawled and just wasn’t sure about it, but once she got her barrings she loved it. She kept letting the sprinkles run through her fingers and loved crawling around in them. She did not want to leave when our time was up and I felt so bad dragging her out of there. She was so happy. It was the cutest.


When we left the Sprinkle Pool, I had to put her down for two seconds so I could put my shoes back on and get my stuff together. Before I knew it, Lucy was half way up the stairs heading back to the Sprinkle Pool. I guess she didn’t get her fix, and apparently she can climb stairs now?! Who knew!!


All in all, I’d say we had a good time. If The Museum of Ice Cream comes to your city, you should try to get tickets. Word of advice: Get on their mailing list now because tickets go fast! And now I get to go to the Color Factory on Monday and I am so excited! Prepare yourself for an overload of adorable pictures on Instagram! If you’ve gotten the opportunity to check out The Museum of Ice Cream, what was your favorite part? I love hearing from you! Like, comment and share!



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  • Katie
    September 28, 2017 at 3:54 pm

    That looks awesome! I want to go!