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It’s important to always have enough “you” time, otherwise even the best of us can loose it. No one in your family benefits from a tired, worn out, frustrated mother. Sometimes it can be hard to let go and take some time for yourself (at least it is for me), but it’s so important for our well being and our family. There is nothing selfish about leaving the kids with dad for a couple hours to go get a mani/pedi or go to the gym. So many of us feel guilty when it comes to “me time”, but that should never be the case!

I hear all the time from moms, “Oh, the last time I bought myself clothes was forever ago” or “I’m so far behind on my show/book, it’s been so long since I’ve had five minutes to myself.” But why?! When did we start feeling guilty about spending money on ourselves or taking some time off? No one ever feels guilty for taking a break at work, so why should we? Why is acceptable for people to shame us for leaving our kids with a babysitter one night or going out for a girl’s night while the husband keeps watch? We work so hard all day, every day, and we deserve a break too.


Candace Smith // Berkley, CA

When I need me time, I go to the nail salon and get a mani/pedi or take a bath and read a book, and pamper myself with a face mask, bath salts and yummy smelling soap. Sometimes it can be hard to do when Aaron and Lucy are playing in the other room, but I try to ignore it and take some much needed alone time. I know it’s best for everyone if I just clear my mind. I love relaxing and spending quality time with myself.

Whatever it is I’m doing, I always have a book with me and try to catch up some reading. Reading is one of my favorite things to do, and I don’t get enough time to do it anymore, so I try to make time whenever I can. I am a big fan of suspense/mystery books, so I love getting lost in a good story.

Every once in a while I’ll go out with the girls for dinner or a few drinks. I don’t go out too much anymore, so when I do, I make sure to take full advantage! I love champagne (that is an understatement), so I try to find nice places that will serve something I like. It’s nice to treat myself and go to nice places since I don’t get to often. I try not to worry about the money I’m spending, because I just want to have a good time with my friends. If I spend too much, I just stay home the next couple days and make up for it! It’s always totally worth it and I always feel so much better after a night out.

I also LOVE getting dressed up. I love curling my hair and doing my make up all pretty. Getting my makeup and hair done is actually one of the things I miss most about being a full-time model. I always loved getting pampered before every shoot and seeing all the fun, different makeup techniques they used on me. I am nowhere as good as most of the make up artists I worked with, but I got pretty good at it, after so many years. I never get the chance to wear my favorite dresses or heels anymore either, so I adore every chance I get! (I am a sucker for a beautiful stiletto!) It’s also just nice to wear my hair down sometimes and not have Lucy yanking on it all night. (Ahh, the little things.) It’s amazing how much better you can feel after getting properly done up before going out. It can really put a whole new light on things and give you the confidence to keep being the awesome mom you are.

Second Life Photography // San Francisco

I also make it a point to do at least a few photo shoots every once in a while, for me. These are photo shoots that aren’t for a magazine, ad, or promotion. It’s just for me. Everyone has their thing, and modeling will always be mine. I love shooting with Lucy for everything we do, but it’s so much more fun and creative when it’s a personal shoot. Modeling was always my outlet for my creativity, so I miss it dearly and always have that itch.

Some other great ideas for you time can be simple. Just taking a walk around the neighborhood alone or spending some time on the couch catching up on your favorite shows. Going to the gym or a long run is a lot of mom’s favorite things to do. And what mom normally has time for all that trash TV?!

You time doesn’t have to a big ordeal or a fancy night out. It can be whatever you want it to be. Sometimes I much prefer staying in and taking a bath while I read, rather than going out with the girls. I’ve always really enjoyed my alone time, so sometimes that is more important to me than visiting with friends. (Sorry guys!) It’s important for you to do what’s best for you.

Everybody spends their alone time differently. What are some of the things you do when you have some me time? What is the most important for taking care of you? I love hearing from you! Like, comment and share!



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