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Starting solids can be an exciting, yet stressful time for you and baby. Most moms start the transition to solids somewhere between 4-7 months, but it’s important to look for signs that your baby is ready to start solids. You never want to start them too early. Some of the signs you can look for are:

  • Baby can sit up well without support.
  • Baby has lost the tongue-thrust reflex and does not automatically push solids out of her mouth with his tongue.
  • Baby is ready and willing to chew.
  • Baby is developing a “pincer” grasp, where she picks up food or other objects between thumb and forefinger.
  • Baby is eager to participate in mealtime and may try to grab food and put it in her mouth.

If your little one has showed some of these signs, it might be time to start the transition. How fast you transition is totally up to you. Lucy never really took to breast milk or formula that well, so starting solids with her was a fast and easy transition. She started eating like a 18 month old right away, with 3-4 significant meals a day, while weaning off the formula almost completely. As concerned as I was, she always seemed to be doing just fine, so I really just left it up to her in the end. Which meant making a lot of purees and foods, right from the beginning.

As exciting as starting solids can be, it can also be stressful and time consuming. Especially if you plan to make your own baby food. But thankfully these days, there is an over abundance of useful products that can make your life easier. These are just some of our favorites products we’ve grown to love while beginning our solids journey:

Beaba Babycook makes making purees so much easier. You can steam all your fruit & veggies easily, then just dump everything right into the blender section and puree to whatever consistency you want. I love being able to do everything with one machine, which makes prep and clean up so much faster. (Also look out for some of Lucy’s favorite puree mixes on my Instagram Stories!)

Little Foodie Cookbook is the best baby cookbook. I have several baby cookbooks I’ve tested out, but my all time favorite one is this one: Baby Food Recipes for Babies and Toddlers by Michele Olivier. It’s simple and delicious while adding in a little “extra” to give your baby a more defined pallet. Lucy has loved everything I have made for her from this book so far and we can’t wait to keep trying new things. I intend to have a child who is an adventurous and easy eater and I certainly don’t plan on being the mom who makes separate meals for my kids. They will eat what we eat. And that means them liking a wide variety of things. So I figured I would start her out young. So far she has tried an endless list of foods and hasn’t objected to any of it yet. I really hope that growing up in San Francisco makes Lucy a foodie, just like her mommy and daddy.

Another popular approach to starting solids is the BABY LED WEANING approach. I love the concept, but never had the guts to try it full force. We adopted an approach which was a mixture of BLW and purees, which worked really well for us. For some families, BLW works really well for them, so check it out and maybe give it a try.

Infantino Squeeze Station is seriously my favorite table top must have, hands down. If you make your own baby food, then you need this thing! It allows you to store all your purees in recyclable pouches, so you just make the puree, squeeze it all into these pouches, and store them however you’d like. You can buy a 50 pack of pouches and always have fresh food for on the go.

If you don’t have the time or money to make your own baby food, there are a lot of great brands out there now. Two of our favorites are Happybaby and Plum Organics. Both brands are always organic and top quality, with really great blends to optimize nutrients and taste.

NUK Smash & Serve Bowl is so handy when smashing up Lucy’s food. Whether it’s fruit for breakfast or whatever your family is having for dinner, you can mash up pretty much anything in this bowl and serve it directly to baby.

Boon Spoon is so awesome for when you’re on the go and want an easy, mess free way to feed your little one. Throw some apple sauce or yogurt in, and you can squeeze it right onto the spoon and into their mouth! No fuss, no mess! I love this little guy!

Munchkin Mesh Food Feeder has quickly become one of my favorite things for Lucy since starting this whole solids journey. It makes giving her different foods so easy. Just cut a slice of whatever you want (apples, oranges, berries, whatever!) and stick it in the little mesh pouch. Then give it to your child and let them gnaw on it for a while. You never have to worry about them choking on anything and the mess is easier to clean up. (It’s also dishwasher safe so clean up afterwards is easy too.) Boon Pulp Silicon Feeder is a similar product but instead of mesh, it’s made of silicon. It’s a little bit easier to use and clean, but it’s all in personal preference. They’re both great!

Stasher Resuable Bags are my favorite things ever. These reusable silicon bags will replace your ziplock baggies (and if you’re like me, you go through too many ziplocks!). They’re durable, come in so many fun colors, and are made to only open from the sides, which makes it baby proof, for the time being.

Munchkin Stainless Steel Snack Catcher is perfect for bringing snacks on the go. It’s stainless steel and durable, with a silicone lid to keep food fresh. It’s soft silicone flaps make it easy for baby to reach in grab food at their own will. Lucy loves carrying this thing with her wherever we go and I even give it to her when she’s in the high chair to buy me more time. (This girl east ridiculously fast!)

RAYYEE Silicone Pocket Bib is a must have. Not only are these things extremely easy to clean, they even have a pocket at the bottom to catch all their dropped food. I talked about these in my Diaper Bag Essentials post but will continue to share!

Ezpz Silicone Place Mats are place mat and plate/bowl all in one. It suctions to the table, i made of easy to clean silicone and comes in a variety of styles, including a bowl, sectioned plate and more! Feeding baby just became SO much easier!

Boon Snug Spout Tops are truly a mom’s best friend. You can instantly turn any cup into a spill-proof sippy cup. Just stash a couple of these in the diaper bag and attach it to any cup when out to lunch ,and you’re good to go! (I like to keep mine in a ziplock baggie, so afterwards I can just throw the dirty top in and wash when I get home.)

Munchkin Straw Sippy Cup is one of Lucy’s favorite cups. We like it because the straw is weighted, so you can drink from any angle, which makes staying hydrated super easy for little Lucy. It’s also easy to clean and spill proof, so you really can’t go wrong!

Munchkin Miracle 360 Sippy Cup is one of my favorite cups. It’s so sleek and convenient, and it’s really easy to use, once they get the hang of it. It took Lucy a few tries to understand it, but once she got it, she really liked it.

Spill-proof Bowl is something every parent should own. This bowl will roll with the punches and keep spinning to prevent spills. If your kid is anything like Lucy, then they are super active and like to have a dance party while eating. This bowl will keep [most] the food where it’s suppose to be, no matter how rowdy they get.

Munchkin Heat Spoons are awesome because it takes the stress out of feeding time. Any time you heat up any food, just dip this little spoon in and see if it changes colors. If it turns white, then wait a few more minutes for it to cool off. If nothing happens, go ahead and feed your baby! (Husbands especially seem to like these spoons. Go figure!)

The Bumbo Seat has been such a convenient seat for us. Lucy has always showed a strong interest in eating dinner WITH the family, so being able to pull her right up to the table with everyone has been so wonderful. It straps easily to any normal dining chair and can fit under most tables, but also has an attachable tray if need be! It’s light weight, easy to clean and can even be used in the bath tub!

Every mom looks forward to moment they can start introducing solids to their baby, but being prepared is key. What are some of your favorite products for starting solids with your baby? I love hearing from you! Like, comment and share!



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  • Kerry
    September 6, 2017 at 10:30 am

    We just started solids with our 6 month old and absolutely love the babea baby cook! Great finds!