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Our Diaper Bag Essentials

Everyone’s always asking me what our diaper bag necessities are, so I figured I’d write up a list and share all my favorites! Being a new mom, I’ve learned that having a fully stocked diaper bag can turn a potential disaster into a small hurdle. And every mom can use a little win from time to time, am I right?

First off, it’s super important to have a good diaper bag. I currently use the Honest City Backpack, and it’s been working out pretty well. I had to go through a couple different ones before finding this one, but all of them have had their pros and cons. I especially like the backpack for maneuvering through the crowded San Francisco streets while I wear Lucy in the Ergo carrier. I tried shoulder bags while carrying her in the carrier, but it was too bulky and difficult. It’s nice being able to have everything attached to me and compact when were on a crowded bus or a small, tight store. It also has a cooler pouch in the front, so I can keep Lucy’s food fresh and cold. The inside is spacious with lots of compartments for organizing, which you know I’m a big fan of. The special zipper in the back makes it easy to grab something out without having to take the entire backpack off and it makes grabbing my phone or sunglasses extra convenient. Their regular diaper bag even had a “messy pocket” which is lined with plastic so you can just throw dirty clothes in and worry about them later. Such a great idea for moms on the go!

As far as what goes in the bag, where do I even begin. I am the kind of person who always wants to be prepared in every situation, so I usually tend to over pack and haul around way too much. Packing the diaper bag varies depending on what we’re doing and where we’re going, but here are a few of our staples that we won’t leave the house without.

I always make sure to have some Honest Healing Balm on hand. It’s my favorite thing ever. I put this stuff on my lips and then on Lucy’s bottom. It’s the best for all kinds of things! The Honest Sanitizer Spray is also handy when you need a quick spray of anti-bacterial to clean up a mess or just a quick freshen up after a dirty bus ride or changing room. This stuff is convenient and it smells really yummy. I am a big fan of the Honest Company. I love being able to reach for their products and not having to double check the labels, and knowing I can always trust whatever it is I’m buying.

Babyganics Sunscreen is always a must have! I’m super sensitive the sun so I just assume Lucy is. We spend a lot of time outside and being in California, we get a lot of sun (Although being in San Francisco we do see a lot of fog as well) so I always make sure to squirt a little bit on Lucy’s face before walking out the door, even when it’s foggy and overcast. Never under estimate the power of the sun!

I love Water wipes for Lucy’s hands and face. They’re so basic, what’s not to love about them. So clean and no harsh chemicals, you never have to worry about what’s in them. They’re thicker than most wipes and unscented, so so they’re some of my favorites. Lucy is a messy eater and a drooler, so we go through a lot of wipes through out the day.

A good diaper changing pad is a must! You never know where you’re going to have to end up changing your little one, so having a nice, clean mat stashed away can really come in handy. We got ours from Target here; it’s a nice Eddie Bauer one that folds up nicely and even has a nifty little pocket to store some diapers and wipes. The velcro strap helps keep it compact and there’s even a strap to make carrying it to and from the bathroom with your little one easier. And the cute design doesn’t hurt.

Lil’ Sidekick Straps have quickly become one of my favorite things. It makes bending over to pick up spoons and toys a thing of the past! You can attach it to a high chair, a stroller or cart, or even a baby carrier and attach any kind of teething toy, spoon or even a bottle to prevent your little one from throwing it over board ten thousand times. It’s BPA free, durable and comes in several color choices. Seriously, if you don’t have one yet, you need to get one now.

We just recently got our Munchkin Snack Catcher for all her snacks, but I love it so far! It’s a perfect little snack holder that opens at the top enough for them to get their fingers in and grab a snack, but not enough for all of them to go flying when the container falls. It comes in bright, fun colors and it’s BPA free, soft plastic makes it safe for everyone.

I love our Modern-twist Meal Mat for whenever we’re out and she needs a clean surface to eat her snacks off of. (Because Lord knows that if you’re eating, she better be eating too!) It’s the perfect size for her to snack on and the durable [BPA free] silicon material rolls up easily so I can just put it right in the diaper bag. It also helps contain the mess a little bit, as I’ll usually just roll up the mess right in it, and then throw it in a Ziplock baggie until later, when I can clean it at home.

I always have an extra MightNest Silicone Pocket Bib in the diaper bag that I put it a gallon sized Ziplock baggie and just stash it in there after it’s all sticky and dirty, then I don’t have to deal with the mess until I get home. I used various cloth bibs for months before switching to this guy, and I will never go back. So much easier! If you couldn’t tell, I’m a big fan of silicon baby items. Makes for easy clean up and durable material!

Then you have to have all kinds of snacks for through out the day. Lucy loves her snacks. We love Plum Organics Super Puffs and Teething Biscuits (check out all the awesome flavors, Lucy loves them all!) Then I always make sure to have a homemade pouch of pureed goodness from the freezer for her to snack on. (If I forget a homemade one or just haven’t had time to make it yet, I usually go for the Plum Organics brand! (Can you tell they’re my favorite? HappyBaby is also another trusted, organic brand we love!) And when a spoon may be needed, I grab the OXO Travel Spoon we keep stashed away. It’s plastic case makes it easy to keep things separated and clean.

I try to keep an extra bandana (or two) in there, since Lucy usually drools through a shirt within an hour. She gets as many wardrobes as a model some days! Our favorite bibs are from Bebe Au Lait because they’re so soft (and even get softer after you wash them) and they have the cutest designs!! We’ve tried velcro and magnetic bandanas, but Lucy tends to just pull them off eventually, so I like the snap kind the best.

Then I always have a few small things hidden away for emergencies, like band-aids, extra hair ties, some bobby pins, some bug spray and a battery charger for my phone. Just make sure it’s charged before heading out. Nothing more annoying then having a dying phone and a dead battery pack. I’ve gone through several of them over the years, but my favorite is the Jackery Mini Portable Charger because it’s small, light weight and actually holds a charge when not in use for weeks. It’s definitely one of the most reliable chargers I’ve used so far.

I’m always adding to my diaper bag and on the look out for new innovated baby stuff. What are some of the things that you always have in your diaper bag? I always love hearing other moms must haves!! Like, comment and share!




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