First Birthday as Mom

Happy birthday to me!! It was my 28th birthday yesterday!! And I know this is going to sound crazy, but now being 28, I feel the youngest I ever have. Hear me out. I was always modeling (for almost a decade) and was always on the “older side” for the industry. I found myself working along side 18-19 year old girls sometimes! But now, being a 28 year old mom in San Francisco, I am suddenly one of the younger ones in most groups. Moms in the city tend to wait a bit longer to start families, due to careers and more expensive living costs. Where I grew up (Prior Lake, Minnesota), it was pretty common to have at least one kid (if not multiple) by the time you turned 21. In San Francisco, you hardly ever see anyone under 25 with kids. With higher housing prices, difficulty finding muti-room homes and intense waiting lists for even preschools; it makes having a baby in the city a bit more difficult. Most woman want to establish their careers and experience a baby-less 20’s in this fast paced city.

It’s all in prospective, I guess. But it’s such a strange feeling. Finally not hiding my age but embracing it. I was never one to be ashamed of my age but sometimes it was just part of the job. But now being such a young mom in this amazing city, I can really take advantage of everything it has to offer. I’m really enjoying this new life I’ve stumbled into and can’t wait to share more about our adventures and findings in San Francisco. Everyone thinks San Francisco isn’t a baby friendly city, but I’m here to prove them wrong! (You can keep tuned for posts for activities and classes to do with you baby in San Francisco.) Between all the baby classes (mommy & me, music play, swim class and more), museums, park and beaches; we never have a hard time finding something to do. Meeting other moms in the city is easy and it’s a great way to explore more of the city and find new and exciting places you never knew existed!

I never expected my life to take me in this direction, but I am so happy it did. This new adventure of being Lucy’s mom is just as exciting and rewarding as modeling ever was. Sure, I don’t get to travel the world for months at a time anymore, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I’m glad that I got to experience all that I did in the decade of modeling but it’s time to leave the modeling game to the younger girls. I’ve never been so ready to keep getting older and growing with our little family.



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