Amazon Rips Moms Off

I use amazon for almost everything. The one exception: baby stuff. For some reason, amazon loves to rip of moms. The price difference in certain items is INSANE! I’m talking $30-$40 differences. Most the time, amazon is great for competitive prices but not this time! I’ve found that most items (60% or more!) is way overpriced. amazon is usually really good about showing price comparisons, except when it comes to baby stuff. They never show it. Shady?!

I was looking for an Infantino Freezer Sleeve for our purée pouches. They should be around $10. Guess how much on amazon. $136, I kid you not! I find it hard to believe that any sane person is actually buying these items from amazon but it still amazes me!

As if us moms don’t have enough to stress about, we do not need to worry about getting ripped off from a reputable site that we all love and use frequently. I found other items with high mark ups too. Anything from Ansel & Aden swaddles to Zutano Booties to the baby shusher (all favorites of mine!) . Some of these items are reasonable and normal prices, but others are insanely overpriced. I found the same bootie, same color and everything, but a $40 difference. I saw a teething ring that should be less than $8 going for almost $26, children’s cardboard books going for twice what they should be and the baby bullet; I don’t even want to mention how high the mark up was.

Of course we can’t boycott Amazon or anything but we can be more aware and educated and stop giving into their ridiculous markups. So ladies, do your research before making purchases on amazon for your baby gear. There is nothing more irritating than seeing something for $20 less at another store. Some stores like Bed Bath & Beyond or Buy Buy Baby offer price matching options or will even refund you the difference if you bring the receipt it later. Or you can try looking at your local baby stores and try to support your local stores if you can. Some stores even offer point or reward programs, which is always a plus. (Day One Baby in San Francisco offers a point program of 1 point for every dollar spent. You can then use these points for money off future purchases or even classes.) This is a great way for them to guarantee I shop for all our baby gear there. Why not get points for something I was already going to buy? And putting them towards classes or other purchases I was already going to make is just icing on the cake.

Another good option for mama’s on a budget, buying used. Facebook and Craigslist are both great places to start when looking for gently used baby items such a carriers, cribs and strollers. If you don’t mind having something that’s been used, then this might be the way to go. Bay Area Mommies is a great group for buying/selling baby stuff or just getting to know other moms in the Bay Area. Every area has at least a couple Facebook groups, so search for some in your area and see what you can find.



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