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Tongue Tie is a pretty common thing. Although I had never heard of it until Lucy was diagnosed, after bringing it up in a couple mommy groups, I realized it was more common than I had thought. Several moms had gone through the same experience as us with tongue tie issues.

 The technical term and symptoms for tongue tie are of the following:

The condition is present at birth. A short, tight band of tissue tethers the tongue’s tip to the floor of the mouth. It can affect how a child eats and speaks, and can interfere with breastfeeding.

Symptoms include difficulty sticking out the tongue past the lower front teeth or lifting it to the upper teeth, though many people have no symptoms. The condition often resolves itself. If not, it can be treated with surgery.

When I first heard our baby had to have surgery, I was so scared. Surgery sounded so serious. But after asking around a bit and doing some research, we realized it was a super quick and simple procedure. So we scheduled an appointment with a recommended E.N.T. (ear/nose/throat) specialist and had an appointment for the following day. Right away the doctor noticed Lucy’s tongue tie and suggested we do the procedure immediately (due to her being a bit on the old side for the procedure). We agreed and 10 seconds later, we were good to go.

The procedure (I don’t even think it can really be called a surgery) literally took 3 seconds. We had to hold Lucy a bit upside down on our knees, with her mouth open. She reached into her mouth and snipped the tiny band of tissue between the tongue and mouths floor and we were done. It bled a little bit but as soon as I nursed her, she was totally fine. Honestly, she had cried more during her routine shots than during this procedure. It was easy-peasy!

Your reasons for getting a tongue tie procedure may differ from another moms, whether it be for nursing reasons or potential speech issues. It’s commonly over looked and often not diagnosed, especially in the past. Ask your pediatrician or lactation consultant if you think your little one may be suffering from a tongue tie issue. If you find yourself in this situation and debating a tongue tie procedure, don’t worry too much about it. Do your research and ask around to find yourself a trusted specialist, and it’s really nothing big.

You can find more information on this condition at or ask your pediatrician or lactation consultant for more information.



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