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Shorty post alert: If you don’t have a local library card, you should really get one! Not only is it great to read with your kids from the beginning but chances are your local library has some great groups  activities for you and your family too. We love the “Rhyme Time” and “Music Play” classes at our local library. Most of these classes are open to all ages and are free, just look online for your library’s schedule and restrictions.

Whenever we attend a library event, we make an event out of it. We walk the long way there and back, spend some quiet time for mom to grab a book or two, then head over to the children’s area for Lucy to have some wiggle time on the mats while we read a couple books. Then we pick a few to take home with us and we go on our way.

I’m not sure about other cities but can imagine most have similar programs, but San Francisco has a great program called Discover & Go. This program gives you one free pass (per year) to a park or museum in San Francisco for you and your family. You can pick from the Botanical Gardens, Japanese Tea Gardens, the Chinese Museum and so many more awesome places. Anyone can take advantage of this fantastic offer if you just sign up for a library card. They’re free and easy to get at your local library. See all the Discover & Go Passes offered in San Francisco and go find your new adventure!



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