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When I found out I was pregnant, I went CRAZY trying to find the right products for our new baby. Reading all the different books, blogs and websites about how to prepare for your bundle of joy, I literally began to loose my mind! So many different types of car seats and strollers, your head could spin for days. The countless hours spent researching and posting different brands and products. Then, when that baby finally arrives, I find out I only needed half of the things I lost so much sanity and sleep over.

We all know building your registry is suppose to be fun, but it can definitely become stressful too. Here are some of the best tips I got when building my registry:

– Don’t buy too many of one bottle right away. One of our friends bought a whole starter set of a specific brand but then their little one refused any other bottle then his one preferred brand. They ended up donating all the unused ones.

– Don’t buy too many newborn clothes. They will grow out of them too fast, and not only that, but everyone loves to gift itty-bitty newborn clothes. Buy things they can grow into. Everyone knows babies grow ridiculously fast.

– Think long-term with some of your bigger items. I got a stroller that has an infant car seat attachment (which is a lifesaver!) but will transition into a toddler stroller as she grows. Our high chair will also transition into a booster seat whenever shes ready. I personally really like the items that will transition with her. They may be a bit more expensive up front, but you will usually end up saving money in the long run. And not having to worry about when or where to get the next one is always worth it to me.

– If your registry host allows it, have an option where guests can pool money together and get you a big ticket item. Or if that isn’t an option, asking for gift cards is always a good second best.

– Go into the store who’s hosting your registry (Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby – unless you’re just using Amazon. But I would suggest having both.) Most stores will give you a nice little congratulatory gift bag with some fun samples and things to get you started and tons of really great coupons for items you will most likely need in the future.

– Do NOT just rely on Amazon ratings for things. I made that mistake for a few items and I totally regret it now. I would have made better decisions if I would have actually done more research then just looking at the ratings. For some things it works, but for the bigger items, try to resist and dig deeper.

– Splurge on your rocker/glider chair. You will be spending A LOT of time in this thing, so it’s important it’s comfortable. I was recently staying at a hotel with our baby and the chair didn’t have a very high back, which was really tough in the middle of the night when I just wanted to rest my head while I nursed. I would really recommend going into the store and sitting in the chair yourself before choosing one. That way you are guaranteed you will like it and it’s comfortable for all those late night hours.

– Thinking ahead is a usually a good thing. Except for when companies come out with new and improved items just months after receiving yours. I had an ergo-baby carrier gifted to us early on, but by the time we got around to using it, there was a better one with more support on the market. Not to say that buying for the future isn’t a good idea, but just keep in mind that your needs may change and the products may get better. Most people usually register for items they will need during the first 6 months to a year. But of course, that’s totally up to you.

– Always register your products once opening them. It’s super simple and only takes a few minutes. You can usually find the form in the manual or attached to the item. You most likely just have to fill out your information (name, address, email) and drop in the mail box, while keeping the other half with your item number and information. That way, if they end up recalling your item, they can contact you directly and let you know how to deal with it. Just a few minutes now could save you a lot of pain in the long run. (If you can’t find a registration form, try looking online.)

If you’re like me, you like having a list to go off of. There is hundreds of random lists out there, so after searching the internet for hours, I finally decided that Nordstrom has one of my favorite list. Of course, everyone has different needs and everyone’s list will vary a little bit, but the basics are all pretty standard.



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