4th Trimester: Post Pregnancy Body

Being in recovery after birth can be a difficult time for most moms. Your body is surging with hormones, you’re sleep deprived and shell shocked with your new baby, and you’re totally trapped in a body you don’t know. My skin was like a teenager going through puberty and my beautiful belly bump had turned into a deflated ball, sagging under my shirt. Every time I looked in the mirror I wanted to cry. (Looking back, some of that was probably the hormones.) Regardless, it took me a while (and it’s still a work in progress) to feel good about my post pregnancy body.

Talking to other moms and reading stories like this one (below) has definitely helped this road to recovery. Changing my view of my body was (and still is) hard, but over all it has been so rewarding. Once I started to look at my body as my story and my stretch marks as my battle wounds, I’ve really started to feel better about my current state. Any young girl can have a slim waist and perky breasts, but only a mom can say they endured their 10 month long pregnancy and painful labor. The road to motherhood isn’t always an easy one, so expecting an immediate bounce back in insane. Like they say, it takes 9 months to put it on and 9 months to take it back off.

Well, I’m a couple months in and feel like I’ve got way more than just a few months more to go to get it all back off. Hours spent at the gym is a thing of the past. The best I can hope for is a long weekend hike or mommy and me yoga midweek. Fitting into my pre-pregnancy jeans was a goal at first, but then after finally fitting in them, I realized that I really shouldn’t be wearing them either way. They were never going to fit me just right the way they did before. And that’s okay. Getting a new pair of jeans that fit me perfectly NOW is so much easier than trying to fit back into my old jeans. My old life. Which isn’t me anymore. These jeans and this life is me. And I’m so happy with that.

Lucy is the best thing that has ever happened to me and temporarily loosing my “perfect body” is totally worth it. Realizing that modeling isn’t my sole purpose to happiness anymore and not worrying about looking so perfect all the time really has been refreshing. My body may never be the same but changing my mind to be okay with it is much easier than changing my body.

In hopes of helping woman worldwide see beauty in their post pregnant bodies, did a project where new moms took photos of their new, post pregnancy bodies and babies. The results are absolutely stunning. You can see the project article and photos here. You can also find countless other projects similar to this one.



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