Pickles & Ice Cream

I will never forget the time I was pregnant and walked out of a store with only pickles and ice cream. I had no intentions of eating them together (I didn’t have that crazy of cravings thankfully!) but regardless, I was THAT pregnant lady. I didn’t even realize what I was doing until I had left the store! The entire walk home I was so embarrassed, walking with just those two items, of course with no bag. Talk about the pregnancy walk of shame.

Luckily, I didn’t actually have too many crazy cravings during my pregnancy. I ate a lot of citrus and so much applesauce. (I seriously went through gallons of applesauce. Weird, I know.) The one big change though, I started eating red meat after almost 8 years of not eating it. That really should have been my first sign that I was pregnant. All of a sudden, the smell of bacon and cheeseburgers smelt SO good and mouth watering. I use to hate the smell of meat cooking! My husband and friends were all excited about this new habit, so they helped me eat my way around San Francisco during those next 8 months. Let me tell you, if you’re going to be pregnant anywhere, San Francisco is the place! The amount of food you can consume is ridiculous. You can literally get anything you could ever want and everything is amazingly delicious. I ate so many steaks and pork ribs. Endless amounts of bacon and burgers. I guess I was just making up for lost time. Everyone (including myself) was very interested to see, if after giving birth, I would still be such a carnivore. And I am happy to say, YES!!

I always hear about woman with their crazy cravings. Rhubarb and ketchup? Seriously? That would make me vomit. But I know a girl who couldn’t get enough of it. It’s so strange what these babies do to us while pregnant. I personally had more aversions than cravings. I’ve always LOVED mushrooms, then during pregnancy, I couldn’t even stand the sight of them. Thankfully I can eat them again.

I’m very interested to see what cravings I will have during my next pregnancy, if any. Will I continue to eat red meat or be revolted by it? Maybe I actually will crave pickles and ice cream next time. Or maybe I’ll be one of those woman who want to eat handfuls of laundry detergent or soap. I guess only time can tell.

What cravings did you experience during your pregnancy? If you’ve had multiple pregnancies, was it similar or completely opposite? Were you one of the crazy ones?



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