Being Pregnant in San Francisco

Finding out I was pregnant was a bit of a shock. After all, I had been told by multiple different doctors that I couldn’t have children. I had just gotten use to the idea and set my heart and goals on modeling and traveling the world. So when I spent hours running back and fourth between the bathroom and the couch (between peeing every 5 minutes and my terrible morning sickness – the ENTIRE pregnancy), I knew something was up. After spending weeks in denial, I took multiple pregnancy tests before I actually started to take it seriously.

Needless to say, all my upcoming travels had to be postponed. That’s when I started to email everyone and tried to figure out my plan for the next… however long. After many discussions and countless hours of thinking and researching, we came to the conclusion that I would stay at home with our new baby. And so my journey as a SAHM in the city began.

Even before I had Lucy, I began to nest (which is a REAL, strong thing!) and began to become the mom I wanted to be. We decided to move out of Russian Hill (Polk & Union wasn’t exactly the place we imagined raising our family) and into a more family oriented neighborhood, like the Outter Richmond. (Oh, and not to mention those HILLS in Russian Hill. Can you imagine walking up those things 7 months pregnant? No thank you!) As I began to explore our new neighborhood more, I fell in love, over and over again. With so many parks, restaurants [that aren’t super overpriced because of the neighborhood] and so many fun things for babies and kids to do; what’s not to love!

A lot of people think San Francisco isn’t a kid friendly city but I would have to disagree. There is an abundance of things to do with your little one all around the city. Before and after they arrive. With endless amounts of delicious foods (literally every kind you could think of) and some of the cutest baby stores in the country; it leaves little room for you to be bored. Not to mention how friendly everyone is to you! (I once had an old Chinese man literally push people out of the way to help me get off the crowded bus while I was pregnant!) And the amount of free candy, cookies and other random yumminess was endless.

When we started looking for prenatal classes in the city, we were surprised to find so many wonderful baby stores. Each neighborhood has their own little boutique store and many of them offer prenatal and baby classes. For example, North Beach neighborhood has Carmel Blue, which is a cute little shop that has a retail section and provide classes. Laurel Village/Heights has Day One Baby, Russian Hill has Sprout. The city all of a sudden had an abundance of babies and baby stores.

It was so crazy how the second we found out we were pregnant, we started seeing babies EVERYWHERE! It seemed that everyone was having babies and surprisingly enough, still staying in the city. It was refreshing to see so many couples making it work while staying in the city they love. Neither one of us wanted to leave San Francisco, so the fact that staying could be an option was game changing. We started looking for apartments through out the city and started looking out for the more baby friendly areas. Little did we know, the entire city was so much more baby friendly than we could have ever imagined! Everywhere we looked we saw babies. It was so inspiring and we knew that we could make it work. We got so lucky with the place we found. It’s in a great neighborhood and across the street from a big kids playground and giant park. I can’t wait to watch Lucy grow up in the city (something I always envied growing up in a small town in Minnesota) and I look forward to showing her all the fun and exciting things this city has to offer.

San Francisco has year round beautiful weather (imagine being 9 months pregnant in the desert, ick!), ridiculous amounts of good food to eat when you’re craving everything and more children than you could ever imagine running around. The moral of the story is, if you have to be pregnant somewhere, San Francisco is as good of place as any. (But I think it’s probably one of the best. Although, I’m biased.)



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