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Daily Smoothie Recipe

I started making daily smoothies a couple of months ago to help supplement by diet a little bit, and I’m so happy I did. Sometimes, I am so busy, I forget to eat almost the entire day. It’s such an easy way to get some extra nutrients in your diet, which everyone can use, especially us busy moms who are always on the go!

Making a smoothie doesn’t have to a chore like I use to believe. It’s actually super easy and quick, especially when you get into a good routine with it. I can make my smoothie in under 5 minutes now, given Lucy cooperates and everything goes smoothly.

I like to make my smoothie right away in the morning before I go work out or start the day. It’s a good way to boost your energy and it’s a good distraction for Lucy when I drop her off at the gym daycare.

There are so many ways to make smoothies, you really can’t go wrong. Whether you want it to be full of protein, vegan or just full of yummy fruits, you can customize it just the way you want. I like to keep mine pretty simple, but I mix it up from time to time.

My typical smoothie looks like this, give or take some ingredients:

  • 2 cups of frozen fruit (I get the berry blend or the tropical blend bags at Costco, it’s a great deal!)
  • 2 cups of fresh spinach
  • 1 whole banana
  • handful of fresh blueberries (or some other fresh fruit in the fridge)
  • 1/2 cup of plain Greek yogurt
  • Half cup of applesauce (My secret ingredient! Makes it so yummy!)
  • 1 tablespoon of power seed mix (chia, hemp, flax, etc.)
  • 3 tablespoons of protein smoothie mix
  • Splash of water + splash of orange juice
  • Spoonful of local honey

You can always add almond or coconut milk, extra fresh fruit, an avocado, hemp hearts, dates or anything else you find appealing. Mix it up! Have fun with it! The possibilities are endless, that’s the whole fun of it! Check out my IG stories for a fun little step by step tutorial!

What’s your favorite smoothie concoction? Do you have a go to, or do you love trying out new blends? I love hearing from you! Like, comment and share!





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