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Lucy’s Reading Teepee

This year for Christmas we decided to get Lucy a reading teepee. We wanted to get her something that was more meaningful than just clothes or toys. We wanted something that we could all enjoy as a family and something she could use for many years to come. She can grow with it and hopefully her love to read grows along with it.

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How to Organize Your Day

I am addicted to organization. If I don’t plan out my day and have it all organized and set, I get super stressed out and upset. Especially now being a…


Name Bubbles

I love working with small companies and one of my newest favorites is Name Bubbles! They create the most beautiful and durable name labels for your kids stuff. Whether it…


Why I Need YOUR Help…

As you all know, Instagram changed their algorithm, once again. Which means influencers, bloggers, and celebrities are left scrambling, trying to figure out the next best way to succeed and…

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My New Years Word: FULL

Early Thursday morning at around 2:45 I felt my first real earthquake. I woke up to everything shaking and clinking together, while my heart raced. I instantly started praying for…

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The Best Zoo Trip

This past Thursday we went to the San Francisco Zoo with a couple other moms. This was Lucy’s first time being there since learning how to walk. So needless to…


We Love Christmas Cookies

I love making an assortment of cookies for the holidays! My mom always did the same, and it’s a tradition I intend to keep. There are all kinds of amazing…

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Pearachute: Class Pass

You guys!! I recently found an amazing app/service called Pearachute, and I’m obsessed. Some of you may have seen them on Shark Tank a few weeks ago, and may already…